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The Challenge


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Amplify Life’s Focus harmonizes the elements of focus, amplification, exploration and experience. 

Focus:  focused attention found in NLP techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Amplification:  illustration and awareness of perspective.

Exploration:  mindful exploration about your life and what’s next.

Experience:   hallowing upon drawn life experiences generally found only in religious settings.


See recording of book signing presented May 5, 2013 at The Spirit Within U.  The part of the proceeds went to The Embracing Project

Charmaine Lee developed Amplify Life’s Focus to share her life experiences and teachings within multiple areas of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual quadrants of human nature.  It is through the areas of life experience that allows one to be whole.  We each grow at our own pace. For wholeness to occur, one must choose to reclaim life to bridge the gap for happiness.  If we stop and take a moment, it is in the same way as artists, writers, musicians, dancers and painters who portray life, illuminates and sanctifies the lived life.  The intention is to assist others to reclaim one’s purpose and dreams by “amplifying life’s focus” to strengthen goals, dreams and purpose.  The result is to build methods of awareness for growth and healthy lifestyle.

ALF is to “awaken multiple perspectives” through your own beliefs, thoughts and life experiences.  Your story describes your characteristics; however, it does not define your identity.  We all have a story about our own fulfilled/unfulfilled personal life experience.  At times, it is the labels that stop the momentum to keep moving forward. 

ALF’s direction is to advocate giving back your power.  Having a voice that promotes change is your responsibility to step up!  You each have something to say and share that has a deeper meaning to you.  Sometimes we all need a hand to keep moving forward.  You are not alone.  To attain what we sometimes tell ourselves we cannot do for whatever reason are through shared insights. 

Amplify Life’s Focus composes masterpieces from your own abilities.  With assessment and coaching ALF will perform alongside of you to build upon the power within you.  Your manifestation of the life you desire is in the power to act.  It isn’t about goal setting – we focus upon quadrant balancing of you as a person.

Amplify Life’s Focus develops and challenges your behavioral barriers within your quadrant of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional facets of who you are.  Usually when the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the quadrant are clearly defined, it all relates to your spirit.

ALF will focus on your reality based on your interpretation about life.  We build upon your primary focus to shift strategies that are not working.  We become the catalyst for positive changes.  It is through intervention that supersedes the negativity from self or others and engages the loving consciousness energy from within.